AMD Gaming

AMD has come a long way in the world of gaming. They transformed from mildly exciting company to one that offers reliable gaming rigs for very little money. Their processors turned from overpriced and underpowered to strong and affordable, and that propelled them to the top of the gaming world.


If there is one thing that can be said to be the cause of the change, then it would be the Ryzen processor. Ryzen processors caused a significant turmoil in the gaming world as they lowered the price of gaming computers as they are two or three times cheaper than products that their competition offers.

Low-budget gaming with AMD

There is a lot of money to be made in the world of custom gaming computers, and AMD recognized it with the introduction of the Ryzen 3. It offered a powerful processor to individuals that had to rely on underpowered hardware to build low-budget gaming rigs.


Every processor can shine brightly if you pair it with powerful components. The advantage of the Ryzen 3 is that it can provide a lot of power even if you put it into a computer that has average specs. An excellent example of this would be a 600 dollar build.

It’s widely known that low-end gaming computers have little to no power when it comes to running latest games. But that doesn’t have to be true if you know how to build a cheap rig.

The center of the build is the Ryzen 3 processor which costs around 120 dollars. You have several options, but going with the 1300X is the best choice.

You will have to cool the processor, and AMD’s Wraith Stealth cooler will do the trick.

You also need a motherboard that supports overclocking, and a perfect budget option is the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3.


Next significant and vital piece of hardware you need is the graphics card. It’s hard to find one at the budget price due to cryptocurrency mining that took the world by storm. And thus, the best graphics card for a reasonable price you will want to buy is the 2GB MSI GTX 1050. It will make your computer more powerful than Xbox One and allow you to hit 60FPS in most games.


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